Private Investments and Placements

Private Placement Programs can be Managed Buy Sell Trades, Trade Platforms, or “Private Placement Investments”, each are different in their own right. These oppportunities are not always available and can differ in conditions and yield.
Following is a description of a common procedure:
The investor internally block his funds, which will ensure the funds are not withdrawn or moved from the account for the term of the investment. The block will be periodically checked on a bank to bank basis during the execution of the investment. All profits will be distributed to the investors preferred bank account.

For example an investor with cash in the bank of $1,000.000 USD or more can request to enter a program. The client will be required to submit a series of documents together with a recent Proof of Funds less than 7 days old. Once the investor has been approved and invited into the program, the details and return of investment will be provided by the program manager.

If you would like to invest in a Private Placement Program you will first need to complete the attached Client Registration Form and submit it with a copy of your Passport. We will after our KYC registration provide you with the application  documents for the specific investment.

For further questions and information, please contact us using our Contact Us Form or via email at
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